NAWA PHARMA SDN BHD is a registered research-based
pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and
marketing of medicines from natural ingredients. We are managed
by a well trained and expert research team headed by Dr Arafat OM.
Supported by an established head office in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia,
our current worldwide expansion program covers Turkey, Tunisia,
Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and France

NAWA PHARMA SDN BHD’s relentless quest in researching and
developing innovative, safe and reliable natural medicines and
natural healthcare products is spearheading by distinguished expert
and scientist with 25 years' experience in Natural Products Research
and Development, contributing to the science through many
publications in international journals, presentation in international
conferences, editing books, leadings projects and discovering new
products from natural resource with high international commercial
value. The research and development is conducted by a team of
energetic professionals to introduce and present well-researched
natural medicines and natural healthcare products to the world.

We look forward to be seen as one of the main global player in providing mankind with an optimal
alternative and complementary medicine from natural resources, applying the latest technology to
improve general health and treat diseases, providing health care solutions and services to the health

To be the one of the global leading company in the field of providing the optimal alternative and
complementary medicine from natural resources, providing the best solution and services in health
care sector, and assuring the highest quality of healthy life in the region
We want to be regarded as the catalyst for growth in natural medicine by continuously supporting
researchers and researches with database and guidance towards innovative research results in novel
inventions of curative drugs from natural resources.
Along this line, we will help customers and patients fight diseases and attain a healthier life by:
1- Providing innovative complementary and alternative medicines from natural resources for chronic
2- Finding curative compounds for diseases by conducting and/or assisting researches on natural
products research
3- Establishing Herbal Clinics that specialize in treating different diseases with special focus on
chronic diseases and guiding people as well as patients to lead a healthier life.

1- To develop and implement a high quality manufacturing program for innovative herbal-based
2- To educate people on the real concept of alternative medicine and its importance in maintaining
a high quality life.
3- To serve as a platform for exchanging innovative ideas and knowledge in the field of natural
4- To establish a specialized research center for herbal and natural medicines in different corners of
the world.
5- To provide solutions and services in health care sector specially health premises operation and

1- Safety first

4- Integrity

2- Quality

5- Compassion

3- Efficacy

6- Commitment